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British Columbia Seed Co.

British Columbia Seed Co.

British Columbia Seed Co.

All seeds produced by The British Columbia Seed Company are the result of our dedicated breeders working constantly to bring you the finest pure strains and hybrids. All our seeds are grown under carefully controlled conditions to ensure genetic integrity and seed viability.  At BCSC we use only true males and females to make our seeds,never hermaphrodites.  Our seeds are periodically tested for proper germination.  With experience comes knowledge and consistency.

12 seeds per pack, regular seed.

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 Afghani Dream
Afghani Dream Pure Indica strain. Extremely broad, dark green leaves, compact growth pattern, and ab..
A-K Hindu Kush x Afghani #1. Smooth tasting strain that produces short, squat plants that pack a pu..
Baldy Baldy
Baldy Baldy Northern lights #5 x Big Bud. High yield, low oder, good taste, solid high, vigorous gr..
Big Blue
Big Blue Northern Lights #5 X Blueberry. High yielding plant, dried grape aroma, very potent...
Blaze Blueberry x Haze. Soaring cerebral high, and delicious Hazy taste. Fruity grape aroma...
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Bubblefunk Northern Lights #5 x Bubbleberry. Bubblegummy taste and smell, with great yield and a sh..
Cali-Miss Haze x Five-O. Exotic taste and smell, good yield, great quality. Expect small variations..
Couchlock Northern Lights #5 x Afghani. Mold-resistant. Strong narcotic stone. Excellent for "sea o..
Electric Haze
Electric Haze Northern Lights #5 x Haze. Big plants, big leaves, light green bud. Extremely sweet s..
Fast Freddie
Fast Freddie Northern Lights #5 x Early Pearl. Its an F1 hybred. Mold Resistant, thrives indoors or..
Five-0 Northern Lights #5 x Hawiian Indica. Top performance. Grown by many BC commercial growers. T..
Heavy Duty Fruity
Heavy Duty Fruity Strong fruity smell. Tasty smoke. Large growing plants with huge, long buds. Cali..
Jack Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1, and pure Haze. Very solid bud structure with that typical 'sweet..
Maui Mist
Maui Mist Hawaiian Indica and Haze combine to produce an extremely Sativa high with a beautiful trp..
Northern Lights #5
Northern Lights #5 25 years of selective breeding. We have bred for vigorous growth, high yield, su..
Purple Lightning
Purple Lightning NL#5 x Purple Indica. Half of the plants will be purple at harvest. Excellent tast..
Super Kush
Super Kush Northern Lights #5 x Kush. Short stocky plant. Great tasting buds. High calyx-to-leaf ra..
True Skunk
True Skunk Pungent skunk #1 aroma and taste. Vigorous growing strain.Flowering Time:Indoors - 60-70..
White Lightning
White Lightning Northern Lights #5 x White Widow. Sweet and resinous. Top quality large production ..